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Why You Should Work With a Mortgage Advisor

With all the banking guideline changes that have taken place between 2016 –present, it’s important to speak with a mortgage advisor. When we say mortgage advisor, we don’t mean an advisor that works for any one particular bank… we’re talking about experienced advisors such as the representatives of CMS who understand the mortgage products offered by over 15 different banks/lenders. Many brokerages will brag about working with over 30-40 different lenders, but do they really understand the products each one offers in full depth? This is just a marketing gimmick. There is no need to expose any client’s application to that many lenders.  Accessibility means nothing if the deal cannot be effectively underwritten to avoid rejection by prospective banks. Even though we have access to over 40 banks/lenders, we work closely with 10-15 banks and lenders, and we truly understand the guidelines and requirements of each one. This helps up cater and present your applications to the most suitable banks, similar to how a resume is important to getting an interview with employers.

Having said that, it’s important to understand why it’s important to work with a mortgage advisor. Here is a list of how we, as mortgage advisors, can help.

  1. Finances may not be your strong suit. Mortgage advisor underwrite deals every day so we understand how to make the numbers work. We’ll explain it to you in a way that makes sense
  2. We work closely with the banks and their business development managers. We’ll get feedback from them as we go to help perfect your application before submitting. This will better your chances for the best products available.
  3. We always have 3 options for every client, guaranteed. Plan A, B and C. There is always a solution.
  4. We’ll guide you as soon as 1-2 years before the purchase/refinance to ensure that you’re ready for the mortgage process when the time comes. We’ve done it before with past clients and we’ll continue to do it for anyone that needs the help.
  5. We’re mortgage advisors, so we will always make recommendations that benefit you first, not the bank… after all we work for no particular bank at all! You’ll notice how much of a difference that make throughout the process.
  6. Changes, changes, changes… how do you keep up? Most likely you don’t because you have other things to focus on. We live and breathe industry research. We’re well aware of all changes that have or are about to happen. We’ll guide you through these changes.
  7. Continues support… what happens after the mortgage closes? Well if you go to a bank, good luck getting a hold of the same person that helped you. I’ll be right here… where you last saw me at the last number you called me on. You’ll get me every time.
  8. Customer relationship management. Even when you’re not staying on top of things, we are. We’re always updating clients on industry changes, upcoming renewals/mortgage maturity, follow ups on finances, etc. We’ll become more like friends than mortgage advisors.

There are so many reasons to choose a brokerage such as CMS with experienced mortgage advisors. We aren’t a multi-product business with advisors selling mortgages, personal bank accounts, lines of credit, loans, etc.  We work only with mortgages and have been doing for over 29 years so we have the experience to facilitate your request to completion with little to no stress. Speak to one of our mortgage advisors today.

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