Our Team

Satyen Drepaul – President

Mortgage Broker (Principal Broker), B.Sc.

FSRA Lic. # M08000839

Professional Affiliations:
Member of Independent Mortgage Brokers Association of Ontario (IMBA)

Personal Information:
As a founder of the business, I have a passion for providing for my family and a drive to create a better financial situation for my client, both of which were my motive 30 years ago when I launched Canadian Mortgage Services. I take pride in building long-term friendships with my clients, as their loyalty is the very backbone of my success. I love to share experiences, knowledge, advice, and contribute to the success of those around me. I enjoy fishing, yoga, reading, music and the company of my family including my grandchildren and my dog Luna!

Neil Drepaul – Partner

Mortage Agent, B.Com.

FSRA Lic. # M12001712

Professional Affiliations:
Member of Independent Mortgage Brokers Association of Ontario (IMBA)

Personal Information:
I strongly believe that regardless of what you do, you should do it well, with passion and perseverance. I have a strong entrepreneurial spirit that drives me to succeed in growing my family business. I continue to seek out opportunities to expand our brand and take advantage of any opportunity to help others by sharing my knowledge and experiences with others. When I’m not hard at work with the business, I play hard! My hobbies include working out, leisurely/competitive sports, cooking and community development both locally and abroad. However, my true satisfaction comes from the enjoyment of company with my growing family and friends.

Amandeep Harish – Partner

Mortgage Agent, BA (Hons)

FSRA Lic. # M12001915

Personal Information:
I am a well-balanced, yet extremely passionate and focused individual invested in continual growth and development, both personally and professionally. I am intrinsically motivated for success and highly adaptable to a variety of different situations. I enjoy helping others and find myself humbled by any opportunity to contribute to the growth of others. I am a firm believer in maintaining an active lifestyle and dedicate some of my day to fitness activities. I like spending quality time with family and close friends. I also enjoy a little bit of drama and so I get my daily dose from General Hospital!


As a team, we believe in giving back to the community and doing what we can to help others. We have and continue to participate in Tough Mudder and Mud Hero charities. We coach a soccer league with Toronto Youth Development for underprivileged kids. And, we are excited to say that we are volunteering abroad in November for community building with the organization United Planet.

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