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Toronto: a city buzzing with diversity, a champion of equality, and fun fact – the biggest in Canada. With over 3 million people, it’s definitely a lively place to be.

Been a Torontonian for a while? Canadian Mortgage Services has been helping folks like you navigate the tricky world of mortgages for over 36 years. We’re a family-run business, so we understand – buying a home, refinancing, or even just getting a second mortgage can feel like a jungle gym. But don’t worry, that’s where we come in.

First-time buyer with the jitters? Credit score not looking so hot? No problem! We have a variety of mortgage options to fit your unique situation, no matter what it is. Think of us as your friendly neighborhood mortgage experts, ready to answer your questions and break down the whole process in a way that’s easy to understand.

So if you’re looking for a Toronto mortgage broker who gets you, look no further. We’re deeply rooted in the city and surrounding areas, with connections to all the best lenders. Competitive rates, flexible options, and a smooth, stress-free experience – that’s the Canadian Mortgage Services difference.

Ready to chat? We’re just a phone call away at (905) 455-5005 or request a free, no-obligation consultation, request an appointment online. Our consultations have no strings attached, so let’s grab a virtual coffee and talk about your financial goals. Remember, finding the right mortgage shouldn’t be scary – it should be exciting! Let’s make your homeownership dreams a reality, together.

    Mortgage Broker Services in Toronto

    If you are trying to find solutions for your financial needs, we can help you with more than just mortgages.

    We’re here to help. Ask us about…

    First-Time Home Buyer

    Toronto’s housing market can be daunting. With fluctuating interest rates, various loan types, and ever-changing regulations, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. CMS Mortgages is a go-to mortgage broker in Toronto for first-time homeowners wading through mortgage jargon and numerous financing options. CMS Mortgages also provides insights into market trends, helping you gauge the right time to buy.

    Second Mortgages

    Securing a second mortgage can be challenging, especially with looming interest rate increases. CMS Mortgages is a mortgage broker in Toronto that stands out. We don’t just connect buyers with various lenders but also ensure you get the most favourable rates on offer. With our deep understanding of the Toronto housing market, we can provide insights into the optimal time and conditions to leverage a second mortgage.

    Bad Credit Mortgage

    Feeling shut out by traditional banks because of past credit mistakes? CMS Mortgages gets that your credit history isn’t the whole story. As a reputable mortgage broker in Toronto, we have vast connections to lenders and can match with those who see beyond just the numbers. This means you have a shot at getting fair mortgage terms and understanding your actual financial situation.

    Equity Take Outs (HELOC)

    CMS Mortgages is a reputable mortgage broker in Toronto with deep connections with many lenders, giving you an edge in finding HELOC options with highly competitive rates. But it’s not just about how much you can borrow but also how much you should borrow. CMS can help you find the right balance that complements your current needs and future financial aspirations.

    Purchases & Refinances

    Refinancing can be a strategic maneuver to enhance your financial footing, but it’s not without complexities. This means understanding potential costs and avoiding hefty penalties for deviating from your current mortgage agreement. CMS Mortgages, your trusted mortgage broker in Toronto, doesn’t just offer refinancing solutions; we provide guidance based on your circumstances.

    Power of Sale / Notice of Sale

    Is the threat of repossession causing you sleepless nights? While your current mortgage payments may feel insurmountable, CMS Mortgages can help you find a much-needed lifeline and craft a strategy tailored to your unique situation. As an established mortgage broker in Toronto, we leverage our deep-rooted industry relationships to assist in restructuring your mortgage without compromising your basic financial needs.

    Debt Consolidation Services

    Turning to privately funded mortgages opens doors to distinct benefits that traditional banks might not offer. A leading mortgage broker in Toronto, like CMS Mortgages, can get you direct access to this world of private financing. What sets this apart? We aim to streamline the process, often resulting in quicker approvals.

    Mortgage Pre-Approval

    Sellers favour buyers with pre-approvals; it’s a clear sign of genuine interest and financial readiness. Partnering with CMS Mortgages, a well-connected mortgage broker in Toronto, takes the guesswork out of this process. We’ll dive deep into your finances and tap into our vast network of lenders to find you the best terms. The result? You step into the housing market with a budget and a strategic edge.

    Mortgage Renewal

    As your mortgage term wraps up, it’s the perfect time to see if there’s a better interest rate out there. With CMS Mortgages, you’re teaming up with a seasoned ally in tune with these market nuances. We are a credible mortgage broker in Toronto with strong connections with lenders, enabling us to pinpoint rates that can offer you immediate savings. We can also assist you in accessing loan features like portability, which allows you to transfer your mortgage to a new property without penalties.

    Bridge Financing

    Bridging the gap between selling your existing property and acquiring a new one often feels stressful, with many complexities and potential pitfalls. Partnering with a seasoned mortgage broker in Toronto, like CMS Mortgages, can be your safety net. We specialize in securing short-term bridge loans tailored to your needs, providing a seamless transition between properties. We ensure a swift process with our industry insights and strong relationships with lenders.

    Financial Counselling

    CMS Mortgages isn’t just about securing loans. We envision a broader role in your financial journey. As your dedicated mortgage broker in Toronto, you gain a partner who equips you with insights, financial tools, and tailored advice, ensuring every financial decision you make is sound for your long-term success.

    Experience unparalleled customer service with the seasoned experts at Canadian Mortgages Services. We’re not just here to help you get a loan; we are dedicated to guiding you through every facet of your mortgage journey.

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