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CMS mortgage brokers Greater Toronto AreaMarkham is one of the most diverse cities in all of Canada! As such, it has become an attractive landing spot for new immigrants and continues to develop and adapt as a melting pot of ethnicities, cultures, and cuisine. While often considered to be part of Toronto, Markham is part of the York Region of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) – a two-tiered municipality system. As a neighboring municipality to the City of Toronto (the largest city in Canada), Markham presents tons of opportunities from a family and career lens.

Markham is best known for its cultural diversity (a population already consisting of over 50% visible minorities) but is also rich in history, family activities, education, and employment. At the time of writing, Markham is home to just shy of 360,000 residents.

Our Markham Mortgage Brokers (or Markham Mortgage Agents) can help you with the purchase of your first home, investment purchase, or mortgage refinance in Markham. There is so much appeal to the city of Markham – and as it continues to grow culturally and mold to its rich demographic, you might consider a relocation or huge real estate life decision that could require the help of a Markham Mortgage Broker.

You see, a Markham Mortgage Broker doesn’t work for any bank. The mortgage brokering industry is built on a foundation that promotes removing bias and therefore, we work harder to create healthy competition between banks. The result is – more options, lower rates, and a streamlined process for you. If you decide to use a Markham Mortgage Broker, you are choosing agency representation that is in your best interest and removes the bias that each bank has when they are trying to sell you, their own products.

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