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Bank of Canada News – Interest Rate Decision (04.11.24)

Bank of Canada Holds Rate, Hints at Future Cuts: A Sign of Cooling Inflation?

The Bank of Canada (BoC) held its key interest rate steady at 5% yesterday, as expected by most economists. This decision comes amidst signs that inflation, which has been a major concern for Canadians, might finally be easing.

While the rate remained unchanged, Governor Tiff Macklem offered a glimpse of what might be on the horizon. He acknowledged that a rate cut in June is “within the realm of possibilities.” This suggests the BoC is cautiously optimistic about the future of inflation.


Reasons for Holding:

The Bank of Canada’s decision to hold reflects several factors:

Easing Inflation: Recent data suggests inflation is starting to cool down. This aligns with the BoC’s goal of bringing inflation back to its target of 2%.

Stalled Growth: The Canadian economy has slowed down in the latter half of 2023. The BoC wants to avoid further hindering growth with additional rate hikes.

Softening Labor Market: The once-tight labor market is showing signs of easing, with a rise in unemployment. This could help bring down wage pressures, which contribute to inflation.


A Possible Rate Cut in June?

Governor Macklem’s comments about a potential June rate cut have sparked discussions. This would be a welcome change for Canadians facing high borrowing costs, particularly on variable-rate mortgages. However, the BoC will likely keep a close eye on inflation data before making any decisions – for now, it is not a guarantee.


The Road Ahead

The Bank of Canada’s policy will likely continue to be data-driven. If inflation continues to decline and the economy weakens further, a rate cut in June becomes more probable. Conversely, if inflation picks up again, the BoC might need to hold rates steady or even raise them in the future.


What This Means for You

The Bank of Canada’s decision has implications for Canadians:

Borrowers: If a rate cut materializes in June, borrowing costs, including mortgages, could decrease.

Savers: Interest rates on savings accounts might not rise as much as previously anticipated.

Consumers: Overall economic growth could pick up, potentially leading to more job opportunities and a rebound in asset prices (slow and steady rebound to be clear).


Stay Informed

The Bank of Canada will release its next monetary policy report in late April, providing a more detailed outlook on the economy and inflation. Following economic news and the BoC’s pronouncements can help you make informed financial decisions with your mortgage. If you want to know how these and upcoming changes impact your mortgage (for better or for worse) contact us today. (905) 455-5005

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