September 22, 2019 SEP Dev

Katarina Lilic

Me and my common law partner dealt with banks directly for our previous two mortgages and with the new one we decided to use a broker since we got fed up with banks "do not care" attitude. We ended up choosing Canadian Mortgage Services by chance and we couldn't be happier we did so! Neil was very professional, patient in explaining everything to us, calm when we needed him to be, since as we all know this process can be stressful at times, and all in all a pleasure to work with. This company truly has its clients best interest in mind, starting with finding you the best possible rate, and tries to get you through the whole process as smooth as possible. If you do not know where to start when applying for the mortgage our advice is start with calling Canadian Mortgage Services and they will guide you through this crazy journey you are embarking on. We know we will definitely use them for our next mortgage! Thanks again Neil & CMS!
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